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What is an implant?

Missing teeth can affect your smile, oral health, and quality of life. Dental implants are the optimal tooth replacement solution providing a permanent solution for missing teeth that looks and feels like a natural tooth. As your trusted emergency dental provider, we offer both surgical implant placement and restorations.

Our skilled dentists use advanced technology to place strong titanium posts in the jawbone that serve as artificial roots. After full healing, we attach custom-matched crowns or dentures to the implants for functional and lifelike results. Implants protect your bone and prevent shifting of surrounding teeth.

How do I schedule an implant consultation for my missing tooth?

Don’t settle for less than the optimal tooth replacement for your missing teeth. As an established dental patient, rely on our office for dental implant solutions that restore your confident smile for life.

Our friendly and experienced staff are experts at handling insurance claims, and we offer flexible payment plans that fit your budget. Call today or we accept walk-ins during open hours to schedule your dental implant consultation!


Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants replace missing tooth roots and integrate with the jawbone like natural teeth. They provide a permanent solution for tooth loss.

Restore Your Smile

Implants are custom-designed and crafted for natural aesthetics, seamlessly restoring your smile's appearance. Porcelain crowns match adjacent teeth.

Regain Confident Eating

The secure integration provided by implants enables confident chewing and eating of all your favorite foods. They function like strong, natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Affordable Relief When You Need It Most

Financing Available

When you come to Emergency Dental of Denver we’ll help you apply for any of these convenient dental financing options. If you found a financing option that works for you and your ready to make an appointment or have any questions, give us a call!

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We Accept Dental Insurance

Emergency Dental of Denver accepts most dental insurance plans. If you are unsure if we accept your insurance, give our office a call and our receptionist will be able to notify you. You may also schedule your emergency dental appointment while on the phone! Most dental insurance benefits don’t turn over to the next year so make sure you use up this years dental benefits before you lose it!

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